“Working behind the scenes, we help busy health executives and entrepreneurs build and grow their brands through evidence-based stories.”

Meet Our Founder and Creative Director

Jennifer Abayowa’s mission is to help clients tell their stories so they can focus on saving lives. She directs the content strategy for partner organizations and leads content teams to craft brand-specific evidence-based deliverables.

In April 2013, she launched HPN to leverage both her science background and zeal for writing. With almost a decade of medical writing experience in various health and Pharma niches, her visionary perspective has earned her opportunities to partner with top Pharma and Fortune 500 companies, including Johnson & Johnson, P&G, and Medline Industries.

Before full-time medical writing, Jennifer worked as a Quality Control Chemist performing chemical analyses and validation of medical devices, a path that prepared her for the rigor, intensity, and discipline of the writing industry.

With a passion for lifting people and drawing them closer to fulfilling their purpose, she is also the owner of two inspirational Blogs and a Podcast with a global audience. When she’s not bent over on creative strategies, she loves exploring new family activities with her husband and three children.

Perhaps, what draws me deeply into my work is the patient on the other side of the screen searching frantically for answers. I’ve been that person and seek to simplify high-level concepts through HPN.

At Health Prime Now, we let you focus on the big picture while prioritizing the details. Our medical content is high-quality, professional, and evidence-based (backed by medical science).


To help companies elevate evidence-based health stories by optimizing clarity and creativity.


  • Everything we create is backed by medical science and facts.
  • We emphasize and support our collective creativity, talents, and skills.
  • We put our clients’ needs at the forefront of our work.
  • We act with integrity and transparency.
  • We always commit to high-quality deliverables.