“Working behind the scenes, we help you become a leading health brand with evidence-based storytelling.”

Meet Our Founder and Creative Director

Jennifer Abayowa directs the content strategy for partner organizations, leading teams to craft brand-specific evidence-based deliverables. With almost a decade of experience in the health and pharmaceutical industry, Jennifer has worked with some of the biggest names in the business, including Johnson & Johnson, P&G, and Medline Industries.

As the director of content strategy for partner organizations, Jennifer leads a team of talented writers and helps to shape brand-specific messaging that is both effective and engaging. In 2013, she founded HPN, a platform that allows her to combine her scientific background with her love of writing.

When she’s not busy strategizing and crafting compelling content, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her husband and three children, exploring new family activities, and creating lasting memories together.

“Perhaps, what draws me deeply into my work is the patient on the other side of the screen searching frantically for answers. I’ve been that person and seek to simplify high-level concepts through HPN.”

Meet our Contributing Medical Writer

Jessica Benge is a health and medical content contributor and editor with deep expertise in branding and content strategy. Having previously served in Marketing Director and Director of Communications roles in-house at several consulting firms, she is particularly attuned to finding the voice and tone that meets readers where they are.

Jessica is focused on producing high-quality digital content that helps educate the public, battle medical disinformation, and increase readership for providers and their platforms.

Our Mission & Values


To help companies elevate evidence-based health stories through storytelling by optimizing clarity and creativity.


  • We back our content with medical science and facts.
  • We emphasize and support our collective creativity, talents, and skills.
  • We put our clients’ needs at the forefront of our work.
  • We act with integrity and transparency.
  • We always commit to high-quality deliverables.