Copywriting and UX Portfolio

Simple HealthKit, a female-founded social-impact healthcare company based in San Jose, CA, is focused on closing the healthcare access gap. I created copy for the website launch by showcasing their affordable, rapid testing solutions spanning COVID-19, sexual wellness, women’s health, and general wellness.

Droplet Micron was launching a new product, the 34G Micron needle. “We want this to come from us, the brand, but we want it to feel authentic. We don’t know what it’s like to have diabetes, but we are making products to improve the injecting and lancing experience.”

Jennifer did a great job in building, expanding, and reworking existing copy. She looked through what little copy we had and helped us get back on track with our website copy.

Jessica Forrest, Droplet Micron.

Bloom Health Partners, a company that provides “boots on the ground” COVID-19 testing services for businesses and organizations across North America, needed a UX copywriter for their RapidCov mobile app. I created this copy at the beginning of the pandemic when scientists were beginning to understand the virus.

Seremedi, a start-up, is creating a new digital app for parents taking their babies home from the NICU. I created copy to introduce their new service for parents and caregivers.

Coloplast needed a new value proposition to inspire urologists to buy their stent products. I submitted this copy inspired by the insight they provided: